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Kaka Talks about Rafael and Italian Football

Kaka was a well-known name in his heydays and he continues today as a pundit in the world of international football. An acclaimed former midfielder of AC Milan, he expressed his opinion about Rafael Leao in a recent post. He stated that it might be the right decision for Rafael to leave his current club, also because of the interest that other clubs have in him.

For instance, Manchester City has shown interest in the Portuguese forward’s skills. After the window in January opened Pep Guardiola expressed his interest in him. This is also because Raheem Sterling has left the team which has opened up a position.


Kaka has thrown a spotlight on Rafael at a time when his current contract is set to expire. It will run out next year and hence summer of 2023 is the right time if the Serie A team would plan to sell. This will happen in case a new deal is not formed. Leao's lawyer is Ted Dimvula who has claimed recently that the 25-year-old player is open to signing a new deal. However, the future claims are not clear as of now. It is also uncertain whether City will make a move for him this summer.
Kaka informed the media that he found Rafael's skills impressive. Though he might plan to move out of Italian football it could do well for him to stay on in Milan where the teams are in a transitory phase. Of course, Kaka admitted that Leao should consider all possible options. Other teams in Milan can give him options. Also, Manchester United and Chelsea are interested in picking him up.
Kaka might have been reminiscing about his career moves. This celebrated player won the Ballon d’Or in 2007 and played with Maldini in Milan and with Ronaldo in Real Madrid.