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Kaka Makes a Surprising Choice in the Messi vs. Ronaldo Debate

The Christian Ronaldo and Lionel Messi debate has been going on for more than two decades and almost every footballer and football fan has been asked to pick their favorite. Kaka was one such player and he chose to side with the Argentine.

The Brazilian legend believes that the PSG star is surely the better player even though he shared the dressing room with Ronaldo while playing for Real Madrid. Kaka also stated that Messi is a pure genius talent but didn’t hold back when he had to praise the Portuguese star.

In a media interaction, he claimed that he played with Ronaldo and he was truly amazing but he will still go with Messi. He considers him to be pure talent, a genius. According to him, his playing technique is excellent. On the other hand, Cristiano is a machine. It isn’t just the way he is powerful, strong, and fast, he is mentally strong. He has always wanted to play and win. He aimed to be the best and that is the most striking thing he has. In sports history, Cristiano and Messi are surely in the top five and we are lucky to have been able to see both legends.

At the time of another interview, Kaka was smart enough to sidestep the question. However, he said that he would be much happier going with Ronaldo on the ground over Messi. He said that he is going to separate the two. For him, one is a genius and one with a strong mentality. The chance of him failing is really small since he is focused and determined. Cristiano Ronaldo is now playing with Al Nassr, while Lionel Messi has towards the end of his PSG contract. The latter plans to rejoin Barcelona.