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Adrian Heath to Coach Kaka

Adrian Heath has been managing North American soccer teams for eight years now.

Just when it seemed that he has seen everything in the league, Orlando City FC brought in Brazilian midfielder Kaka. Despite being at the tail end of his career, the opportunity to coach Kaka is something of a great pleasure to Heath.

The manager says that despite having won everything in the game, Kaka remains extremely humble and he has never witnessed such humility before. In his extensive career in North American football, Heath has won two third division titles and now has the opportunity to coach the former FIFA world Player of the Year.

Heath is only in his second season as manager in the MLS. He has managed to get Orlando City into the fourth place. More importantly, the team has been able to get good results even when Kaka is not in the team. This is seen as a sign of a good squad. Kaka is extremely important to the team with his motivational skills and ability on the pitch. The 34-year-old, though, has featured in only four matches up until now. As a sign of his importance, he has contributed a goal – either through scoring or assisting – in each of these four matches.

"If you had told me eight years ago that today I would be training Kaka, I would have said you were crazy. It's a pleasure to have him and as well as that he is a very nice person. For a guy who has won everything his humility is impressive. With his experience, he provides an example for the young guys around him and they have a good relationship. The MLS keeps growing and improving. It's not going to disappear,” said Heath, whose team have picked up 11 points from the opening nine matches.