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Kaka Stays In Touch With His Fans

Kaka is known to be quite communicative when it comes to expressing opinions, showing the way to his fans and fans in general of the football world.

Quite recently he spoke out in favor of Cristiano Ronaldo and how he deserved more respect from his fans for the performances and extraordinary skills he had shown in his past matches. Recently he also spoke out when the Orlando City club decided to move its training department to facilities in Lake Nona. The announcement took place at The Beacon where Kaka was present to speak to his fans.

This might have been a great opportunity for some of his fans to see him up close and to interact with him. The upcoming game against New York Red Bulls will not feature Kaka among the team players in the Orlando City. He was present on Sunday night, though at Orlando Pride, Citrus Bowl while most of his team moved to New York. This match is being given a miss by Kaka as he needs to recover from a groin injury. This might be minor, but the midfielder of Brazilian origin needs time to be in full form for more upcoming games. Next week will see a game coming up in Orlando City against New England and he would be present for the same.

Kaka has played about three matches with the Lions after he sat out for three former matches in the first part of the season when he suffered a strain in his thigh. It is definitely part of the injuries that Orlando City team players have been suffering in the last few weeks. The others who have suffered similar injuries are Rafael Ramos for his hamstring injury, Higuita for his groin and Cycle Larin for his hamstring injury again.