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The defender of Barcelona, Dani Alves, has said that his compatriot Kaka should not have continued playing for Real Madrid and should have made a move this summer. During the pre season transfer window, Kaka was reported to be approached by his former club AC Milan, but, the Brazilian international opted not to leave Madrid. As per Alves, Kaka should have joined Milan. He is a great player and he hasn’t been treated well during his tenure at Madrid so far.

Kaka had joined Madrid in 2009. He was at the peak of his career when he had joined Madrid, but, nothing has gone well for him since then. He struggled with injuries and bad form in the last two seasons. In the ongoing season, he hasn’t been given regular playing chances by Jose Mourinho, the manager of Madrid. Alves said that Kaka is too good a player not to be included in the first XI. If he is 100% fit, he should definitely be given the opportunity to start the match. There is no point making such a great player sit on the bench too often. Had he been at Barcelona, he would have been treated better.

As per Alves, Kaka is one of the greatest midfielders that the game has ever seen. He was the best player in the world 3 or 4 years ago. The last two years were pretty tough for him as he had to go through several injuries. He has recovered from his knee injury recently and he needs a bit of time in the middle. If you don’t give him enough playing chances, there would be very little possibility of him getting his form back. Jose Mourinho should trust him and should include him in the first XI more often than not.