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Kaka again helped to keep Real Madrid on the top of the list in the league table of La Liga. He played extremely well against Racing Santander. He was on the field from the very beginning. Other players who supported this player were Benzema, Ozil and CR. After the match this particular player said that he wants to thank his entire team mate to give him so much support on the field.

On this match, it seemed that Kaka played a much controlled game and he always looked upon the ball possessions. In one word there was no such moment where it looked that Racing Satander was taking the control from the Madrid boys. We all know that football is a team game but still in every match one player plays the role of solo attacker. In the match between Madrid and Satander, this Brazilian striker played this particular role. The most noticeable fact of this player is that, he never gets carried away with his performance.

Madrid boys say that this striker stays very calm and cool both inside and outside the field. He never looses his temperament which helps to get full concentration on the game.

Kaka said that at the beginning of the game they played a defensive goal. They never wanted the opponent to score early goal which could bring the team under pressure. As time went, they slowly became aggressive taking chances.

This player says that if they continue to perform like this then nothing can stop Madrid from lifting the La Liga cup. The Madrid officials are very happy with this player’s performance. They are looking forward to witness much more good performances from the Madrid boys.

The coach also seems quite confident with the team’s performance but also says that the players must not get carried away with their present performance and focus on the upcoming matches.