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Jason Kreis was not so sure if he should grab the offer of Orlando City with both hands when it had come to him because of his experience at his previous office New York City FC where he was unfairly and painfully given the axe.

Kreis had heard about Orlando axing their manager too almost at the same time when he was axed from his job and so, he was thinking if the mentality at that club is also the same as it was at NYCFC that a manager can’t survive if he doesn’t ensure playoffs.

However, when he had his meeting with the Orlando hierarchy, he was assured that there would be no quick dismissal and once he received that security, he took the project in his hands.

The chance to work with players such as Kaka, who has played in Champions League Finals and some of the biggest matches in world football, helped to persuade him that he was making the right move. His first game will be hotly anticipated by fans, with tickets in demand on the Livefootballtickets website.

Kreis actually didn’t know that the manager Orlando had axed, they had a long association with him. He had been with the franchise since it was in the third division and had not even joined the Major League Soccer.

The former America international spoke to the press - “The kind of structure we have here in MLS, a coach gets occupied with a lot of stuff when he arrives. The contracts of the players, their wages and all, so, one year is definitely too small a period to look for perfect results from a coach to be honest.”

“It was the first thing to strike my head as Orlando came knocking with the proposition and I thought before committing, it would be right to speak to them how much time they had to give to me to make a difference and as I spoke to them, I came to know that the last man they had in the job had got 8 years. So, that cleared my mind.”