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Hitzfield Quits!

If you are a fan of Switzerland football, you would be really disappointed to hear that Ottmar Hitzfeld, the manager of the national team, has quit.

Hitzfeld was tactically one of the best managers in Brazil. Barring a group game against France which Switzerland lost by a big margin, he was spot on with his moves in every match.

Hitzfeld is not going to take charge of any other team in the future. He has actually put a full stop on his coaching career.

He made this announcement on Twitter yesterday. The 65-year old German wrote, “That’s it. My managerial career gets over here.”

Hitzfeld’s retirement has not come as a surprise for anybody. It was on the cards. There were rumours last year itself that he was planning to call it a day, but, he eventually decided to delay that keeping the World Cup in mind.

Switzerland performed way better than the expectations in the FIFA World Cup 2014. There were not many who were backing them for passing the group round, but, they did that and did that with distinction.

Hitzfeld had taken over as Switzerland manager back in 2008. In the second year of his tenure, he guided the Swiss team to a historical win against Spain in the World Cup in South Africa, but, after that, he saw some hard times.

He couldn’t make Switzerland qualify for the Euro Championships of 2012 which was seen as one of his biggest failures. The fans were very unhappy with him at that time.

But, he was forgiven for that when Switzerland made it to the World Cup finals in Brazil.

Switzerland played a total of 61 games under the guidance of Hitzfeld. They won 30 out of that, while, lost 13.