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High Bid For Kaka

Manchester city had accepted an amazingly high bid of £100m for Kaka. Garry Cook, who is the chief executive of Manchester City, has alleged that AC Milan has bottled the deal in order to bring Kaka in the Premier League Club.

Cook said that Kaka was on sale but they were not got the opportunity to meet the player as the behaviour of AC Milan was not favorable. It was also reported that Kaka would be paid high wages by the Premier League Club to quit Milan and join Manchester. But Kaka mentioned his decision explicitly by saying that he did not want to leave AC Milan. He goes on to say that the decision that he has taken is purely from his heart and not for money.

Cook defended Manchester for making high offers to Kaka and also said that Milan had broken a secret agreement that was done between the two. He said that he had the documentation where it was said that Milan was willing to sell their players to them and he even had a picture where he was holding up a City shirt with Kaka and the CEO of Milan, Adriano Gilliani was at the back in the picture.
Cook said that Milan had understood that selling Kaka would mean disregarding the fans and when he approached kaka’s father and spoke to his for nearly seven hours regarding the terms, they started making shocking demands. He feels that AC Milan and the then prime minister wanted to keep Kaka as a PR stunt to facilitate his popularity among the Milan supporters.

It was also reported that Cook met Kaka on the wedding occasion of the previous city forward Robinho where Kaka admitted that he regretted that fact that he could not join the city.